Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have our wedding ceremony at Under the Willows?
Yes, we will work with you to plan your ceremony on site. Contact us for details.

Will there be someone onsite to assist or answer questions?
Yes, there will be a representative of Under the Willows available during your visit.

Is a contract required? When is payment due?
Yes, we require a contract. Payment is due with the signed contract.

How many groups are on site at one time?
If for a ceremony, you and your guests will be the only group.
If for photography sessions, the property is very large, and we will not book more than three groups for one date.

Are there time restrictions?
Will accept visitors from 8am until 7pm, as arranged with your booking. We are not available for drop-ins.

Are there washroom facilities?
Yes, if contracted.

Will we have access to the house or other buildings?
No, unless specific prior arrangements have been made.

What happens to my fee if we cancel our visit?
The fee is not refundable if you cancel less than two weeks before your visit. We will try to reschedule, if a date change is an option.

How far in advance should we book our visit?
We suggest you book your visit sooner than later, to make sure your preferred date and time are available. Generally, at least two (2) months in advance would be best.
However, if space and time are available, we will accept last-minute requests.

Other questions?
Please contact us at your convenience.